Supergrass emerged from Oxford in the early 1990’s. The group are made up of brothers Gaz (guitar and lead vocals) and Rob Coombes (keyboards), Danny Goffey (drums and backing vocals), and Mick Quinn (bass and backing vocals). The band's primary musical influences come form punk bands such as Buzzcocks and T.Rex. They combined these influences with traits of the pop-punk era, characterized by fast, three-chord, guitar-based, catchy tunes. The band gained huge notoriety during the Britpop era in the mid-90s mainly due to the success of their single "Alright". Their first album I Should Coco (1995) was a No.1 album in the UK and sold just short of one million units worldwide. Supergrass’s follow up Album, In It for the Money (1997), was a critical and commercial success, it also has since gone platinum in the UK. Their third Album Supergrass (1999), nicknamed the "X-Ray album" because of the x-ray images of the band members' heads on the front cover, was not so well received but did produce two UK top 20 singles. The band's last two albums Life on Other Planets (2002) and Road to Rouen (2005) were both well received in the British music press but failed to produce sales to match their previous three efforts. In June 2004 the group issued the "greatest hits" compilation, Supergrass Is 10, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the band's formation. The record entered the UK album chart at number 4 and has since gone gold in the UK. The band are preparing their sixth album Diamond Hoo Ha for a March 2008 release. Supergrass Studio Albums...

  • I Should CoCo (1995) BP Rating 9/10
  • In It for the Money (1997) 8/10
  • Supergrass (1999) 7/10
  • Life on Other Planets (2002) 8/10
  • Road to Rouen (2005) 7/10

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